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Woman gives birth to quintuplets in Kenya

Nzemba Katambo




As it is said babies are considered a bundle of blessing, joy and love for a family.

Jacinta Akinyi on the left

So is the case of Jacinta Akinyi a 30-year-old woman residing in Katula Kachiel area in Homa Bay County who delivered quintuplets on 12th of November 2017 at a seven month gestation period.

The moment Akiyi felt some labour pains at 5AM, she was rushed to Matata Hospital which is located in Oyugis Town.

Such a kind of birth is of high risk and thus she lost two babies during the delivery as a result of some complications.

Due to the complications and with a motive of saving the other three babies, medics at Matata Hospital referred Akinyi to Kisii Teaching and Referral Hospital where the birth of the three babies was successful.

The bouncing babies weighed 1.5, 1.3 and 1.1 kilograms respectively after delivery.

Akinyi and her husband Zephaniah Ongonyo are casual laborers and expected to deliver only one child.

Thus delivering five babies took them by surprise. She was not aware of her pregnancy status as she did not have enough money to go for scanning.

The couple currently has four children aged 12, 11, 10 and 8 years.

Raising the three babies without financial support will be next to impossible.

The couple is appealing to the government and well-wishers for financial support so that they can get by.

Nzemba Katambo

My name is Nzemba Katambo. I use writing as a way to speak to the world eliciting my innermost thoughts. Everyday instances trigger a story, write



Distributing wealth in Kenya & giving out enough money to escape poverty for a decade



Nonprofit organization GiveDirectly is financing studies via mobile transfers directly to poor remote villages ever since 2008.

This past Monday they announced that they were officially launching the largest universal basic income (UBI) experiment ever recorded.

Beginning November 13th, 40 villages with an approximate 6,000 people will receive about $22.50 per month, no catch, for 1 year. While , 80 other villages will be given relatively the same for two years, whilst the 80 villages will be given a a single payment equal to the two-year amount, while a 100 villages will not be given any money at all.

The study will produce some of the most comprehensive data yet about what happens when people are given money for nothing. It’ll help answer questions such as: Do people stop working? Do they start businesses? Are they more likely to spend money on drugs and alcohol — or education?

The study will also collect community-wide data to learn if the added financial security reduces negative aspects of poverty like violence and theft.

Bulbul is a low-income area near Nairobi, view is from the dwelling (the third plot) to the street. Photo taken by: SuSanA Secretariat/Flickr

Basic income is a very new concept that researchers have yet to collect data on to analysis such system in the developed world. Other study’s have sprang up to address that gap.

Drone photography captures the dramatic inequality of Nairobi


“The past 19 months since we announced our plans to test UBI have been remarkable,” Joe Huston CFO of the nonprofit NGO GiveDirectly wrote on the organization’s blog. “The debate over basic income continues to rage, from skeptics who call it ‘a senseless act of preemptive self-sabotage’ to optimists calling it ‘to the 21st century what civil and political rights were to the 20th.’”

Else ware in California, a startup know as Y Combinator recently finished studies in where several people received $1,000 to $2,000 a month. Y Combinator is preparing to launch larger scale trials across two other states in the us sometime in 2018. The study will bring new light into wealth and how different people in different circumstances manage it.



Joe Huston ended off by saying.

“Now it’s time for us to do our jobs, and wait to learn,” Huston wrote. “We expect to get the first round of results in within the next year or two, and then more than a decade of learning to follow as we track these communities.”

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